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1988-98 FAUX Metal Mild Tubz built for the static drop or mild air bagged truck! These Tubz are approximately 2 inches taller in the peak and 2 inches wider towards the outside edge of the fender and 2-3 wider towards the engine. These tubz have been designed to clear the factory ac drier/ factory wiring harness and on the 88-92 they will clear the master cylinder and brake lines (will need to relocate the abs box to under the mastery cylinder). The battery box will need raised to clear the Tubz (we are currently working on a solution for that) and working on designing some side trim panels also.

The Faux Metal Tubz will include: Trim Patterns, bolt kit and the holes will be marked in the same locations that i used on my truck (they could be slightly different from year to year so i will not drill them)

The Mild Tubz are not designed around a certain tire size/drop combo since this is almost impossibe to calculate with all of the factors in the equation: drop of the spindles, width of the control arms, backspacing on wheels and tire size. Our Tubz are built to the limiting factors found in the engine compartment.

** Total includes shipping to a COMMERCIAL business address (A BUSINESS AT YOUR HOUSE DOES NOT COUNT !! IT HAS TO BE IN A COMMERCIAL/ NON RURAL AREA . If shipping to a residential address, there is an additional charge of $100-145 If you do not select the correct shipping address type, an additional $100-145 will be added.

Some states will cost extra depending on the area, Here are a few examples: California, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, email before and i can check for you (loshmike@outlook.com)

HERE IS A LIST OF PLACES THAT SHIPPING COMPANIES CHARGE EXTRA $145 TO GO TO, with the skyrocketing costs of materials right now i can not afford to keep taking the shipping hits that i have taken over the last couple of years so if you can not provide a TRUE COMMERCIAL address the extra $145 will have to be charged.

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