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Mike Losh
Mike Losh is a passionate auto enthusiast, especially experienced in restoration and customization of classic trucks and cars. Mike’s experience goes all the way back to his childhood as he tagged alongside his Grandpa Jim, learning the basics of automotive skills. He began to try his hand at custom modifications over 25 years ago as a young teen, and he’s never stopped!

While building Cloud 9, his family heirloom 1967 Chevrolet C-10, he designed and built his first set of custom inner fenders for frame-laying C-10 trucks and simultaneously built a huge fan base.

This was the start up for Slosh Tubz, a small, family-owned business, and they are boasting new product development every few months!

Mike lives in Siloam Springs, Arkansas with his wife, Sarah (aka MamaLosh), daughter Chandler, and son Harry. When Mike’s not in the shop designing, creating, building, you’ll find him on dates with Sarah, cheering on his kids in their hobbies, hiking the beautiful Ozarks with the family, or hanging with friends. He’s a full-time auto salesman and finance manager for a local dealership. No matter where you find him, he’ll have a huge smile, a big heart, a gentle soul, and you’re sure to share a laugh with him, because he’s got a contagious good spirit!


Custom Fiberglass & Metal Products.

Slosh Tubz

Slosh Tubz are the ORIGINAL custom fiberglass bolt-in inner fender s for 1967-87 Chevy Trucks. We launched the original Slosh Tubz for 1967-72 Chevy trucks back in 2011. Since then, we've expanded our product line to include 60-98 Chevy trucks and 67-72 Ford Trucks with more on the way.

Filler Panels

Originally created as a compliment to our Slosh Tubz, we now offer firewall filler panels sets and core support filler panel sets for both stock and Slosh Tubz equipped trucks.

Transmission Humps

We launched our custom fibergalss transmission humps in 2016. Slosh Tubz transmission humps make your LS engine and transmission swap a breeze. They bolt-in to the stock location and provide enough clearance without any additional fabrication.