Slosh Tubz


I think the Tubz are a great product and your support has been great. These things definitely have a spot in the aftermarket world. Thanks and good luck !! lmk if I can ever help.
- Jason Landers

Welcome to Slosh Tubz

Mike Losh here designer and developer of SLOSH TUBZ, 3 years ago I started a journey to put my truck flat on the ground after accomplishing that i set back and what do i do under the hood ? My biggest pet peeve in the slammed truck scene is no inner fenders , so I started trying to figure out how to solve this problem after several failed attempts I think i came up with an answer ! Not only do the bolt in like the factory inner fenders do they also cover the wider and bigger wheel and tire combo that we all like to run while still keeping the water and trash out of the engine compartment they are still open enough to showcase the tons of hours and money we have spent on our custom front suspensions we say at Slosh Tubz "Cover your tread man" !

Our current product lines include 1967-72 Chevy truck SLOSH TUBZ and the new line 1973-87 Chevy Trucks " SLOSH TUBZ SQUARED"..... but stay tuned we have big plans for alot of new products !