1967-72 Extreme Tubz

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All New 67-72 Extreme Tubz for all you guys laying frame and running 22's and taller, they stick up 1 1/2 inches taller then the highest point on the fender and are contoured to clear the hood.

**this particular tub is made in a two piece mold and it will have a small line in the finish where the mold comes together that will require minimal bodywork

** Total includes shipping to a COMMERCIAL business address (A BUSINESS AT YOUR HOUSE DOES NOT COUNT !! IT HAS TO BE IN A COMMERCIAL/ NON RURAL AREA . If shipping to a residential address, there is an additional charge of $100-145 If you do not select the correct shipping address type, an additional $100-145 will be added.

Some states will cost extra depending on the area, Here are a few examples: California, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, email before and i can check for you (loshmike@outlook.com)

HERE IS A LIST OF PLACES THAT SHIPPING COMPANIES CHARGE EXTRA $145 TO GO TO, with the skyrocketing costs of materials right now i can not afford to keep taking the shipping hits that i have taken over the last couple of years so if you can not provide a TRUE COMMERCIAL address the extra $145 will have to be charged.

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